Photograph of the Maritime Museum Exterior

UK Road Trip to Titanic Attractions

WHAT’S NEW IF YOUR PLANNING A GRAND TOUR OF TITANIC ATTRACTIONS: In the UK there’s a fortnights worth of Titanic exploring. Belfast is the city that built the world’s most famous ship. Titanic Belfast is a must-see experience. It’s one of the worlds largest and best planned Titanic attractions. See the spot where RMS Titanic was launched. Touch

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East Indian Passenger looks out from ocean liner over railing

The Indian Passenger

The Indian Passenger. Not so much a conspiracy theory but more a ‘what if?’ scenario….Between passengers and crew there were nearly thirty nationalities on board the Titanic. Official lists tell us there were no travellers on board of true Indian heritage. Given that in 1912 the population of India was 315 million and that some of the

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RMS Titanic – Worldwide Fascination after a Century

  Enduring Fascination For twenty years, people have come to associate the Titanic disaster with its truly titanic box office film adaptation. Even so, James Cameron would never have been able to adapt this all-time cinematic juggernaut in the manner that he did if the story had not already remained popular and powerful within the

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