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After more than a century, the epic story of RMS Titanic continues to fascinate new generations. Crowded with the hopes and dreams of passengers from all walks of life, the tragic end of the magnificent liner gave life to devoted followers of a romantic, bygone era. Here you will discover exclusive videos, news, and expert accounts of the jewel of the White Star Line, her sister ships, and life in Edwardian England.

We hope you’ll feel at home as we remember the big events around the world as well as the personal memories of everyday life in the last century. Why Titanic Echoes? The liner RMS Titanic had it all – beautiful to look at, new technology, top-draw luxury for the rich and, considering the era, the conditions for the poor were pretty good. The children who witnessed the sinking of the Titanic and survived would see echoes of the disaster in many events that were to follow in this new century: a struggle for more equality and new inventions being fast-tracked to become a normal part of life. Our forefathers’ voices will be part of our journey through ‘yesteryear’.

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